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March 21, 2020 3 min read

So many celebrities don’t seem to age, and people say it’s due to plastic surgery. While it’s true plastic surgery is common among Hollywood folks, so are skincare routines. Famous people use all sorts of top of the line and even everyday products along with their lifestyle choices to keep their skin clean and youthful. Some celebrities’ regimens are more complicated than others, but what these well-known ladies do is definitely working for them. 


1. Kim K’s 5-Step Routine

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Whether or not you watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians, you’ve got to admit that Kim Kardashian is good-looking, and her skin contributes to that. Women’s Health states that she uses Purity Clean Cleanser from CosMedix, which is meant to wash away dirt and oil. She also uses Serum 16, a retinol formula, from the same brand for anti-aging. Augustinus Bader’s Rich Cream is also in her anti-aging skincare routine. To keep her eyes looking smooth, she uses CosMedix Opti Crystal. These are facial products, but for full-body skincare, she uses Chanel's L'Huille Rose for moisturizing. She calls this stuff "heaven in a jar," and it is made with Helianthus Annuus Flower Oil, which smells amazing. These are high-end products, which we like, but other celebrities have department store products in their routine. 


2. Nicole Kidman loves Neutrogena

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Based on her looks, no one would guess that the lovely Nicole Kidman was born in 1967. In an interview with Byrdie, Kidman revealed that she uses vitamin C for sun protection in addition to Neutrogena sunscreen. She said that she encourages retinol use for anti-aging and her product of choice is Neutrogena Night Repair, which is made to moisturize the skin and reduce wrinkles. She also believes in the benefits of massage and aromatherapy. Skin products can improve your appearance, and so can good lifestyle choices. 


3. Susan Sarandon uses L’Oreal because she’s worth it

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She starred in a bunch of movies in the 1970s, now she’s in her seventies and looking great. Susan Sarandon is a spokesperson for L’Oreal and is particularly fond of the Age Perfect line. She says in a Vogue interview “you could stand a spoon in the moisturizer and it would stay upright it's so thick, and you could practically eat it it's so rich.” She also cleans her face and applies sunblock and moisturizer frequently. Although she likes L’Oreal, she says that the key to graceful aging is proper nutrition, hydration, and abstaining from cigarettes. Vogue has many beauty secrets, including ones from other celebrities.


4. Britney Spears

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She’s got great music and skin. Britney Spears isn’t exactly someone who only sticks to one product, though in an interview with Vogue, she said she liked La Mer. Spears also said she liked toners and astringent products because they make her feel “zingy clean.” A go-to product for her was Elizabeth Arden’s Astringent or Neutrogena. She also moisturizes. 

Nice skin is not something reserved for the rich or famous; lots of lady celebs use affordable serums and creams to care for their skin. Plus, a healthy lifestyle is something anyone can practice. When both good skincare products are put together with exercise and diet, they increase your chances of looking fabulous like these stars. 

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